Speed Feedback Signs

Speed Feedback Signs

It is a fact that radar-driven speed displays slow down traffic. This positive effect can be attributed to the display’s ability to alert drivers with responsive messages wherever the device is deployed (school zones, entrance to villages, private sites, residential areas).

The Speed Signs are dot-matrix displays that are able to show speeds driven as well as individual bitmaps, which is an additional benefit. Speed displays offer speed and time triggered bitmaps (such as smileys) and short text messages. This enables the sign to show different pictures during school times and the rest of the day.

Morelock Signs  provides a full range of  speed displays for all applications.

Here is the full range of Morelock Speed Indicator Devices ( ).

  • Displays oncoming vehicles speed
  • Smile function
  • Adjustable parameters for min. and max. displayed speed
  • Different parameter settings depending on time and day (5 parameter sets)
  • LED colour change if speed limit is exceeded
  • Time controlled activation
  • Data storage in a ring buffer (exact to the second)
  • Bidirectional data recording
  • Battery level indicator
  • Bluetooth communication and Morelock App (Android)
  • Lightweight and compact aluminium casing
  • Automatic brightness regulation
  • Specially designed protection mask for excellent visibility even under strong sunlight

Optional Extras

  • USB interface for data download, changing parameters or firmware update by USB flash drive
  • Manual parameter setting by rotary switch
  • Automatic data transfer by email + GPS location
  • Time controlled activation
  • Battery, mains and solar power options available
  • Data logging and Bluetooth capability
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