Morelock Signs working with Dorset County Council

Fewer speeding drivers means greater safety in Dorset

Have the MSID VARIO Radar Speed Signs had an impact to the parishes in Dorset?
The Vario is having a very positive impact of the road network in Dorset. We have locations where the SID has done a great job of reducing the 85%ile, but also reduced the number of vehicles travelling above ACPO.

How many radar speed signs do you have on the network?
We currently have 30 local Parish and Community groups deploying 37 SIDs over 91 Sites, we also deploy 6 SIDs ourselves over 12 sites. We have several other communities in varying stages of setting up their community owned SID programme.

What are your thoughts on the MSID VARIO?
I think it has been an excellent tool in driver education and we have received positive feedback from both the communities and travelling public.
The physical unit is robust, however we had to secure the battery compartment w
ith a tamtorque band as the lock is very flimsy. It is easy to use and setup using the bluetooth software.

How easy do you find it to download data and use it in a positive way?
We don’t use this function at DCC, although I know some of the communities do look at the trends in the data. Having compared the data to our own traffic surveys we have found it to inaccurate for survey purposes, however we appreciate its a sign, not a traffic counter.

How useful and well-presented is the data?
N/a – See Above

What has been the community’s reaction to the speed signs?
Fantastic! Communities love their SIDs. They are an effective tool and have made areas feel a nicer and safer place for pedestrians. We also find it to be a positive thing among motorists too, as it is giving them a chance to slow down, without receiving points or a fine.

What comments have you received?
Charminster Parish Council said:
“Back in July 2018 Charminster parish Council voted to upgrade our SID from the Basic D to the Vario with Solar panels.
We have a team of 3 volunteers and fully recognised the effect the SID devices have on drivers, but sometimes the old SID would be in place not working as batteries were running out of power fairly quickly with the volume of traffic, particularly on the A352.
The new Vario with solar power has performed way beyond any of our expectations and although slightly heavier it is very easy to move which we do on a 6 weekly basis, nothing else needs doing to it apart from visually checking its working when we drive past.
The residents of Charminster and Charlton Down have been very vocal about the new machine, all in a positive way; they seem to particularly like being ‘ Thanked ‘ when driving below 30mph. As always Rob Camp and Joe Allen have been very supportive. Definitely a good decision to upgrade.”

Melbury Abbas Parish Council Said:
“Our first SID was purchased through a successful grant application to the National Lottery in the 2016, and we deployed it in October of that year. At our initial location, the 85th percentile speed (VR85) dropped from 38 mph to 34mph, and the number of speeders going 20mph over the limit was halved. Due to this success, the Parish Council has funded posts and solar panels for three additional locations in the parish. We now have a second SID which enables us to rotate the two units between our four locations. We hope to add another location in the near future, and our residents greatly appreciate the calming effect the SIDs have on traffic when they are deployed.”

How easy do you find it to move the sign to different locations?
It’s a simple process, but we do recommend 2 people as the sign is quite heavy.

Do you think the speed signs are excellent value for money?
Yes, they are a very effective tool for the cost.

How do you rate Morelock Signs and the service you receive?
Jill is very good and helpful, she is always quick to respond and sort any issues, however when she is not there the service is slightly lacking.

Any other comments?

Marshwood School:
“Over the last few months we have been monitoring the traffic near a rural school in Dorset. Marshwood School is in quite an isolated are on the outskirts of the village centre. The main road past the school had a national speed limit restriction that was dropped to 40mph and then to 30mph. Drivers regularly drove through at higher speeds. The County Council installed advance signing to try and reduce the speeds around the school, but we were still getting average 85%ile speeds around the school of 38.5mph (Westbound) and 36mph (Eastbound). It was decided to trial a SID with the long-term view of moving 1 SID between 2 posts on a 6 week rotation (shown to be most effective during our long term trials across the county).”

The table below shows the before and after SID placements, I think results speak for themselves!

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