Speed signs

Speed Signs

It is a fact that radar-driven speed displays slow down traffic. This positive effect can be attributed to the display’s ability to alert drivers with responsive messages wherever the device is deployed (school zones, entrance to villages, private sites, residential areas).

The Speed Signs are dot-matrix displays that are able to show speeds driven as well as individual bitmaps which is an additional benefit to common speed displays. Both speed displays offer speed and time triggered bitmaps (such as smileys) and short text messages. So the unit is able to show different pictures during school time and the rest of the day.

  • Dot matrix display that displays speed/pictures in amber, red and green
  • Displays oncoming vehicles speed
  • Individual bitmaps can be uploaded such as text messages,
    smiling/frowning faces, speed limits, logos and symbols
  • Adjustable minimum/maximum speed threshold
  • Time controlled activation
  • Automatic brightness regulation
  • High contrast due to unique display construction
  • Robust Lexan front window with anti-glare coating
  • Bluetooth for display configuration
  • Measurement of the supply voltage
  • Deep discharge protection for batteries
  • Low weight
  • Easy one man installation
  • User friendly control software for Android and Windows
  • Battery, mains and solar power options available
  • Data logging and Bluetooth capability