Morelock Signs working with Kier

Deephams Sewage Treatment Works, Edmonton – AMK JV (AECOM Murphy Kier)
Customer: Kier


amk-case_study-1amk-case_study-2Deephams Sewage Treatment Works (STW), located in the London borough of Enfield near Picketts Lock in Edmonton, the venture is to develop an improved sewage treatment process, while continuing to treat the 209,000 tonnes of sewage that arrives at the works each day. This can increase to over 1.3 million tonnes during heavy rainfall – enough to fill 520 Olympic swimming pools.

Deephams has a site speed limit of 10mph. Traffic increased significantly due to ongoing construction work being carried out, with more traffic on site and vehicles exceeding the posted limit, speeding became a concern. The implementation of the GR33CL Solar Powered Speed Feedback Sign is continuing to have a very positive effect in changing driver behaviour and reducing speed.



Would you agree that your purchase of the 2 Solar powered GR33CL Speed Feedback Signs have made a positive impact on your site and are helping to reduce speeds driven?

Yes, I’ve noticed a very positive improvement in the attitude towards speeding on site

Is the data that you have downloaded clear and concise enough? Does it give you all the results you need?

Yes it gives us a clear overview and enables us to pin point persistent speeders

Do you find the Speed Feedback Signs easy to rotate around your site?

Very easy and very quickly

How have you found the solar power?

Great addition…. It makes relocation of the sign very easy

Are you happy with your purchase, do you think it was funds well spent?


How would you rate Morelock Signs Ltd along with the service you have received prior and after your purchase?

Very helpful and understanding of our needs
John Adams – Health & Safety Manager