Morelock Signs working with Corby Borough Council

Corby BA27-MorelockSpeedSign1orough Council’s Neighbourhood Management Team were continually being told by residents through Community Engagement that Speeding was a major concern. As Corby Borough Council do not have responsibility for the Highways as this lies with Northamptonshire County Council they were in a bit of a quandary.

Rather than simply refer the community to the county council they decided to explore innovative solutions to this recurring problem. Following investigation and fact finding it was decided that they would invest some funds in two GR32 speed signs, these could be used to target areas highlighted by residents to monitor vehicle speeds and the resulting data could inform traffic calming decisions or show that there is not a speeding problem.
These devices provide both a visible deterrent to alter behaviour as well as enhance the local communities confidence that their concerns once aired are then followed up with visible action.

EvenA27-MorelockSpeedSign2 whilst in situ deploying the signs the impact they have on behaviour is apparent. The resulting reports then allowed them to feedback to the community to either show that there is a speeding issue or just a perception of speed. Utilising the data from the reports also enables them to further enhance the effective partnership working with the Police by identifying peak times of speeding vehicles to complete speed gun operations in a more targeted and cost effective manner.

Corby Borough Council now manage a total of six Morelock speed signs as local Parish Councils have seen the benefit these devices bring and have invested in the technology requesting that we manage the deployment and data gathering. The County Council have also purchased a unit for them to deploy in locations on their behalf as the Highways authority.



Would you agree that the GR33 speed sign has made a positive impact on combatting speeding in Weldon parish?

The GR33 units most definitely have an impact on speeding. It is hugely apparent when out maintaining the signs the difference in behaviour that they make. The ease of deployment is the main benefit and strength of these units. It enables targeted activity in known hot spot locations and provides a shock factor to drivers as they can be deployed to locations very quickly and easily.

Would you say the data is easy to analyse? Is it clear enough? Does it give you all of the results you need?

The data provided from the units is very clear and concise. Combined with the impactive and easy to read graphs, the data is easily conveyed to the public and also provides the information required by Highways authorities and the Police.

How easy are they to erect and rotate?

The units take about five minutes to erect on a column, battery changes take a couple of minutes.

Are the parishioners happy with their purchase, was it money well spent?

The Parish purchased one unit 3 years ago and have recently purchased a further two units so I would assume that this shows satisfaction.

Would you recommend Morelock Signs Ltd?

I would yes.
Craig Spence – Senior Neighbourhood Manager Corby Borough Council