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Morelock Signs working with Kier

Deephams Sewage Treatment Works, Edmonton – AMK JV (AECOM Murphy Kier)
Customer: Kier


amk-case_study-1amk-case_study-2Deephams Sewage Treatment Works (STW), located in the London borough of Enfield near Picketts Lock in Edmonton, the venture is to develop an improved sewage treatment process, while continuing to treat the 209,000 tonnes of sewage that arrives at the works each day. This can increase to over 1.3 million tonnes during heavy rainfall – enough to fill 520 Olympic swimming pools.

Deephams has a site speed limit of 10mph. Traffic increased significantly due to ongoing construction work being carried out, with more traffic on site and vehicles exceeding the posted limit, speeding became a concern. The implementation of the GR33CL Solar Powered Speed Feedback Sign is continuing to have a very positive effect in changing driver behaviour and reducing speed.



Would you agree that your purchase of the 2 Solar powered GR33CL Speed Feedback Signs have made a positive impact on your site and are helping to reduce speeds driven?

Yes, I’ve noticed a very positive improvement in the attitude towards speeding on site

Is the data that you have downloaded clear and concise enough? Does it give you all the results you need?

Yes it gives us a clear overview and enables us to pin point persistent speeders

Do you find the Speed Feedback Signs easy to rotate around your site?

Very easy and very quickly

How have you found the solar power?

Great addition…. It makes relocation of the sign very easy

Are you happy with your purchase, do you think it was funds well spent?


How would you rate Morelock Signs Ltd along with the service you have received prior and after your purchase?

Very helpful and understanding of our needs
John Adams – Health & Safety Manager


Morelock Signs working with Corby Borough Council

Corby BA27-MorelockSpeedSign1orough Council’s Neighbourhood Management Team were continually being told by residents through Community Engagement that Speeding was a major concern. As Corby Borough Council do not have responsibility for the Highways as this lies with Northamptonshire County Council they were in a bit of a quandary.

Rather than simply refer the community to the county council they decided to explore innovative solutions to this recurring problem. Following investigation and fact finding it was decided that they would invest some funds in two GR32 speed signs, these could be used to target areas highlighted by residents to monitor vehicle speeds and the resulting data could inform traffic calming decisions or show that there is not a speeding problem.
These devices provide both a visible deterrent to alter behaviour as well as enhance the local communities confidence that their concerns once aired are then followed up with visible action.

EvenA27-MorelockSpeedSign2 whilst in situ deploying the signs the impact they have on behaviour is apparent. The resulting reports then allowed them to feedback to the community to either show that there is a speeding issue or just a perception of speed. Utilising the data from the reports also enables them to further enhance the effective partnership working with the Police by identifying peak times of speeding vehicles to complete speed gun operations in a more targeted and cost effective manner.

Corby Borough Council now manage a total of six Morelock speed signs as local Parish Councils have seen the benefit these devices bring and have invested in the technology requesting that we manage the deployment and data gathering. The County Council have also purchased a unit for them to deploy in locations on their behalf as the Highways authority.



Would you agree that the GR33 speed sign has made a positive impact on combatting speeding in Weldon parish?

The GR33 units most definitely have an impact on speeding. It is hugely apparent when out maintaining the signs the difference in behaviour that they make. The ease of deployment is the main benefit and strength of these units. It enables targeted activity in known hot spot locations and provides a shock factor to drivers as they can be deployed to locations very quickly and easily.

Would you say the data is easy to analyse? Is it clear enough? Does it give you all of the results you need?

The data provided from the units is very clear and concise. Combined with the impactive and easy to read graphs, the data is easily conveyed to the public and also provides the information required by Highways authorities and the Police.

How easy are they to erect and rotate?

The units take about five minutes to erect on a column, battery changes take a couple of minutes.

Are the parishioners happy with their purchase, was it money well spent?

The Parish purchased one unit 3 years ago and have recently purchased a further two units so I would assume that this shows satisfaction.

Would you recommend Morelock Signs Ltd?

I would yes.
Craig Spence – Senior Neighbourhood Manager Corby Borough Council


Morelock Installations Open New Depot

Morelock Installations opened a new site in August 2015 as part of growth in the company’s service-driven approach. The new Depot in Stafford provides excellent access to the strategic road network.

The secure internal and external storage space and modern offices with updated IT links allows us to better service our existing contracts and improve our ability to widen our scope throughout the UK.

Working in partnership with our clients is part of our ethos and we continue to build key relationships with like-minded companies. We are pleased to have been recently awarded a contract in Telford and Wrekin, which means we will be supplying, installing and maintaining their Traffic Signs and Street Furniture assets for the next 3 years.

Recently completed schemes include:

  • The Bedford Bypass project
  • The M4 Junction 10 Pinch Point Scheme

15, 20 and 25

We pride ourselves at Morelock Signs for having long-serving personnel across all departments who have become an integral part of our operation over the years. We recognise the service they put in and honour their commitment . The collective years of experience enhances our overall offering to our customers.

 The following members of our team have completed 15, 20 and 25 years of service in 2015.

 Vicky Asbury

Martin Smith

Simon Whitehouse

Peter Klatschok

Rob Harvey

Steve Garrett

Dave Lucas

Yvonne Taylor

Matt Huntbatch

Rachael Gibson


Digital World

We realise the high demands when it comes to signage and are committed to expansion and investment in the latest technology in order to more than match these demands. Our latest expansion in digital print technology with the Oce and Zund allows us to significantly increase production capacity, reduce timescales and improve quality.

Our aim is to ensure our customers receive the best quality of service with our new range of commercial products. We would welcome you to come and visit us for a factory tour in order to discuss your signage and graphics requirements.